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About the establishment of the company

Peric Trans company was founded back in 1992 by the joint efforts of the father and the son. At the beginning the activity of this family company was trading, wholesale, as well as transport for its own services.

Entrepreneurial instinct of Mile Peric has lead him to start, at 1996, an international transport, and with 5 trucks he is starting a business, which has been set as an excellent business move for all these years.

In 1998 Branka Peric-Sljivic became the director of transport, taking over the complete organization of business, continuing to invest into development of our business and employees in international transport.

Nowadays our company possesses over 100 compositions in the parking lot, offering services of transport in controlled conditions, transport of liquid foods, as well as transport of goods in ambient conditions.

New business opportunities in the 2000s encouraged Mile to develop a new business sector, which is dealing with a rental and sale of secondhand construction working machines and equipment. Once again, this proved to be an excellent business move.

Get to know our vehicle park

Nowadays our company counts over 250 different units: excavators, loaders, bulldozers, rollers, graders, dumpers, stone crushers with separation, mobile cranes, crawler cranes, tower cranes, two-axle and three-axle with and without cranes, 4x2 tugboats with plateau trailers of 30 tons, tugboats 6x6 with low loaders from 30tons to 70tons.

Nowadays the company has 150 employees in both sectors

Satisfaction of our clients is a priority to our team and we strive to build a better and closer partnership. We can proudly say that besides new clients which we acquire daily, we have successful business collaborations that last more than 20 years in both profit centers. With each new tour we build and strengthen trust and prove the quality and speed of our service.

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